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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

To Ragtop or not to Ragtop, that is the question!

At least that is the question on my mind today.

Yes,  I am finally getting back to the poor old Volkswagen project.  This August marks the 10th year anniversary of my sister's passing and I want to get her tribute back on track.

Over the next two days I am doing a list of all the jobs required to get this car running and back on the road.

One of the items I have been seriously considering is the addition of a sunroof kit.  It would be a shame to decide to do this after body work and paint were applied.  This is supposed to be a fun vehicle for weekend or the odd drive to work, probably seeing the most use in the spring/summer/fall.

Many VW enthusiasts source an original Golde sunroof with the surrounding metal from a donor car. While I am enthusiastic about this car, I can hardly say it is original anymore so that might be a touch extreme.

There are a few kits available and this one currently has my attention.

Ragtop Kit

At $720 U.S. (including shipping) the kit is just works out to $1000.00 Canadian.

If you haven't seen it already,  Max Wilson has a wonderful Youtube video of his father's Beetle restoration.  In the video, he installs a kit (making it look much easier than it probably is).

The video can be found here and is worth every minute of viewing time.

I hope to have a decision made within the month.

I think this looks pretty sharp!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

How much is that single in the window?

The motorcycle as 'art'.  Paintings belong in galleries.  Bikes belong on the street.

I've said my peace.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Matchless G9 Engine strip down...

At long last!  Now that some family commitments have been attended to, I am able to get back on track with my many (read: many, many, many) projects.  I have been waiting a year and a half to tear into the bottom end of the G9 engine;  This should keep me busy until my friend can finish welding up the Beetle.

The Verdict?  So far things look very good!  The con rods are very clean and straight, with no nicks or scratches.  The crank bearings are very good as well and can likely be reused.  I was pleased that the oil pump turns freely and the bottom end was coated in a film of oil.  The engine was certainly rebuilt at some point as the 'sludge trap'  bolt has been removed and replaced several times.

 Matchless Twins lack a true Sludge trap, instead having passages that can be easily cleaned out periodically.  Despite having +80 over sized pistons, this engine was very carefully looked after.   A shame really that the rest of the bike didn't receive the same treatment and survive in the same fashion.  I am sure that some of it is in that big pile of parts, as for which ones?  That is a secret lost to time.

More to come!

Any time spent with King Dick is quality time.

As a side note, 'Krave' is probably not fit for human consumption.  I, However have no issue using the box to catch decades old oil drops.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Interesting link!

This one is for the vintage Yamaha lovers out there...

Yamaha Library

Apparently almost every issue of the 'Yamaha News' going back to 1959 is available online.

There is only one catch though; You will have to brush up on your Japanese!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Scrambler bash plate modification

If you have a skid plate/Bash plate on your Scrambler as I do, it would have come equipped with 4 allen bolts to hold it in place.  Allen bolts are nice and handy and feature prominently on modern Triumphs.  They are usually easy to deal with and require a tiny tool you can carry in your pocket (or side cover).

However when an allen head gets stripped it is a tremendous pain to deal with, especially if said bolt is in an awkward spot.

This happened to me recently when an underside bolt securing the plate to the frame became stripped and seized.  I was able to get the other three off and removed the plate by unhooking (slightly bending) the mount from the rail.

It seemed a good idea to come up with something more practical while making the plate more quickly detachable.

I had these leftover from my shift lever repair, so I cut them to size and installed them.  Now if something does seize up, at least I can apply an impact driver.

Looks very nice from the front!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Garage art

I spotted this gem whilst travelling through small town Ontario. I wonder if it was ever ridden?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I need a bigger compressor

I had a little spare time this afternoon so I figured I would attempt some home soda blasting.  Using my little Michelin compressor (which works great for tires and painting) and a cheap blasting gun with hopper I had at it.  I might have done better with sifted baking soda, but the bottom line was that there wasn't enough velocity.  A larger compressor will likely be my next kijiji purchase.  At least I can see the potential from what little came off from this side by side comparison.